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In episode 1, we were introduced not just to King Viserys, Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra, but also Hand of the King Otto Hightower, his child Alicent and the “Sea Snake” Lord Corlys Velaryon.The premier episode set the phase. You can understand his stress and anxiety: Lord Corlys is the kings Master of Ships, and the Triarchy threatens the kings shipping lanes in Essos. The king is still sickDuring his shouting match with Daemon in the first episode, youll remember, King Viserys inadvertently cut his own hand on one of the blades that constitute the Iron Throne.” Very cool.With Hand of the King Otto Hightower in the room, King Viserys brings up the proposed marriage between himself and Laena Velaryon. From the appearance on his face, we can see that King Viserys had no clue she went to Dragonstone in the very first place.The king is furious, browbeating Rhaenyra for acting so recklessly.

In episode 1, we were introduced not only to King Viserys, Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra, but also Hand of the King Otto Hightower, his daughter Alicent and the “Sea Snake” Lord Corlys Velaryon.The premier episode set the stage. You can comprehend his stress and anxiety: Lord Corlys is the kings Master of Ships, and the Triarchy threatens the kings shipping lanes in Essos. King Viserys, Princess Rhaenys and “Sea Snake” Lord Corlys.
The kings hand (in marital relationship) In a particularly facing scene, Queen Aemma died in episode 1 following a required C-section. Since six months have passed between the 2nd and very first episodes, its now time for King Viserys to start considering marital relationship as soon as again. Or a minimum of, thats what Lord Corlys and his wife, Rhaenys Targaryen (” The Queen That Never Was”), tell him as they propose King Viserys wed their child Laena. The Velaryons and Targaryens are the two making it through Valyrian bloodlines, Corlys states– as great a reason as any to join the families and project a combined front to the realm. (Valyria is a region in Westeros, for those struggling to keep up with the lore.) Rhaenyra is not surprisingly not stired about it all, what with the Small Council literally politicking over her dead mothers body. She confides in Alicent Hightower– child of Kings Hand Otto Hightower– as they stroll through the High Scept. After being encouraged to do so by her father in the last episode, Alicent is still routinely checking out Viserys in his bedchambers to offer him (seemingly aboveboard) business. ” I desire him to see me as more than his little woman,” Rhaenyra informs Alicent as they pray in the Scept. Just the night prior to, Viserys had informed Alicent that he and Rhaenyra have not been speaking much. King Viserys and Lady Laena..
” Mine own daddy does not know the language of ladies, either,” Alicent councils Rhaenyra. “When I wish to talk with him, I understand that I need to make the effort.” King Viserys isnt incredibly thrilled about remarrying, either. Hes still mourning Aemma, and frets a 2nd marriage might upset Rhaenyra. Intensifying matters is the age of Laena. Shes 12. We see Viserys and a really young Laena walking through Kings Landings lush gardens making talk about dragons, and the contrast in age is grim. Laena stops and, with obvious discomfort, recites: “It would be a fantastic honor to join our homes as they were in old Valyria. I would offer you many children of pure Valyrian blood so that we might enhance the royal line and the realm.”” Is that what your daddy informed you to state?” responded Viserys, clearly discovering the entire enterprise a bit gross. “What did your mother inform you state?”” That I wouldnt have to bed you up until I turn 14.” Viserys blurts a huge sigh as they continue to walk.The order of thingsRhaenyra was seeing Viserys and Laenas stroll from the Red Keep. As she walks away to go about her company, shes accosted by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. For those who forgot, Rhaenys is the other half of Lord Corlys, and it was she who lost the council choose succession to Viserys in the opening scene of episode 1. Rhaenys wonders aloud whether the marriage bothers Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra generally informs Rhaenys to not taunt her, however Rhaenys offers her a reality check.” Whether its to my daughter or another persons, your daddy will marry quicker than late. His new other half will produce brand-new beneficiaries, and possibilities are better than not that one of those will be male. And when that kid comes of age and your dad has actually passed, the guys of the realm will expect him to be beneficiary, not you. Since that is the order of things.” Rhaenyra says shell end up being queen and make a new order. She states the men of the world didnt reject females, they turned down Rhaenys. The Queen That Never Was when again gets real with the younger Targaryen.” Men would faster put the world to the torch than see a lady ascend the Iron Throne,” Rhaenys states. “And your dad is no fool.” Alicent Hightower.
The king is still sickDuring his screaming match with Daemon in the first episode, youll remember, King Viserys accidentally cut his own hand on among the blades that make up the Iron Throne. 6 months later, in this episode, that wound is festering.In order to conserve his finger, which the maesters have most likely been treating with cauterization (fire), the kings medical aid submerge his hand in a bowl loaded with maggots. “This is our best opportunity to save the digit,” Grand Maester Mellos says. “The maggots will eliminate the dead flesh and ideally stop the advance of the rot.” Very cool.With Hand of the King Otto Hightower in the space, King Viserys raises the proposed marriage between himself and Laena Velaryon. Grand Maester Mellos reckons its a good concept. Hightower seems less excited.Anything that you can do … Daemon Targaryen is still making mischief. Having taken Dragonstone and named himself rightful successor to the Iron Throne, hes discovered to have stolen a dragon egg from Kings Landing. And by discovered I mean he left a note stating who he was and why he took the egg: Because hes now got a second spouse, a sex employee named Mysaria, and his wife-to-be is with kid. The dragon egg is to depend on the childs cradle, as is custom-made for Targaryens.Daemons note also claims that hes to be wed, and that King Viserys is invited. After its worked out that Daemon stole the very same egg that remained in Baelors cradle for the few hours the kid was alive, King Viserys is pressed over the edge. (Baelor is the child young boy Aemma brought to life in episode 1.) He says hell reclaim Dragonstone himself, however is talked down by Otto Hightower, who says hell go rather of the king.Youll keep in mind from episode 1 that Otto and Daemon deeply do not like one another. Daemon and his army, the previous City Watch, confront Otto and the kings men in a remarkable scene, conference head-to-head along a thin bridge causing Dragonstone. They have words, with Otto disparaging Daemons “whore” wife-to-be and calling Daemon a disgrace to the Targaryen household. The males on both sides draw swords, however prior to they can clash theyre interrupted by Daemons dragon, that made its presence understood by looming over Dragonstones castle.Ottos men begin to pull away. We hear another dragon in the distance. From the clouds flies Rhaenyra, riding a dragon of her own. She hops off and strolls directly up to Daemon on the bridge.Daemon and Rhaenyra Targaryen.
” My daddy named me Princess of Dragonstone,” she states as she confronts her uncle, “that is my castle youre living in.” Employer mode triggered. She calls him out for stealing her departed baby brothers dragon egg, but Daemon demonstrations that his child is worthy of to sleep with a dragon egg, too. A shocked Mysaria shoots a disappointed look at Daemon before storming off. Ends up Daemon was lying about both the pregnancy and the wedding event. ” Im right here, Uncle,” Rhaenyra dares him. “If you want to be restored as heir, youll need to kill me. Do it. And be done of all this trouble.” Daemon stares her down, then heads back to the castle– but not prior to tossing the dragon egg over to Rhaenyra. Having actually protected the egg, the princess offers Otto Hightower a looks that states “thats how its done,” then flies off on her dragon. Manager mode deactivated.Back in Dragonstone, we see Mysaria chastise Daemon for playing “stupid games” with his family by comprising lies that theyre to be wed and have a child. ” I have actually been offered as property more times than I care to count,” she says to him. “Most of my years have been invested living in fear … I didnt enter your service desiring gold or power or station. I pertained to you to be freed.”” From what?”” Fear.” King Viserys and Lord Lyonel.
A long engagementKing Viserys is still mulling his proposed engagement to Laena, seeking the council of Lord Lyonel Strong, his Master of Laws. Viserys says that hes felt Lord Corlys envious look ever considering that he took the crown, and ponders whether its a good idea to link families. Viserys is likewise understandably cold on the idea of marrying a 12-year-old. Yet Lord Lyonel encourages him to persevere, reasoning that its Viserys obligation to the realm which Lord Corlys would not take it well if his deal was rejected. Theres possible war coming with the Triarchy, Lord Lyonel says, and theyll need Corlys ships to win it. At this moment the 2 guys are disrupted by an announcement that Rhaenyra has returned from Dragonstone. From the look on his face, we can see that King Viserys had no idea she went to Dragonstone in the very first place.The king is furious, browbeating Rhaenyra for acting so recklessly. He screams and screams, but relents when she points out that she recovered the dragon egg without bloodshed, a feat Otto Hightower was unlikely to attain. Viserys sinks into his chair and puts some regard on her name. Finally, the two have a heart-to-heart about the death of Aemma.” Your moms absence is an injury that will never ever recover. Without her, the Red Keep has actually lost a heat that I attempt state it will never ever recover,” Viserys states. “I wish I d understood much better what to say to you in the aftermath. I struggle to recognize that my child had so quickly end up being a lady grown. I know she comprehends what is now anticipated of me.” He states its his responsibility as king to remarry. Rhaenyra is his only successor, which makes his line of succession too susceptible. ” You are the king,” she says. “And so your very first duty is to the world. Mom would have understood this. Just as I do.” The Crabfeeder.
New alliancesThe next scene is a Small Council conference. Now that he has Rhaenyras permission, and has been informed by lots of people that joining his family with Lord Corlys is the responsible thing to do, the king reveals hes chosen to get marry as soon as more.To Alicent Hightower. Rhaenyra is stunned. Otto Hightower is delighted. Lord Corlys is furious.” This is an absurdity,” Corlys says. “My home is Valyrian, the greatest power in the realm.”” And I am your king,” Viserys sternly replies. Otto Hightower shoots Lord Corlys an appearance. “Youve been beat” is written throughout Ottos face. Corlys storms out of the Small Council space, followed shortly afterwards by Rhaenyra. We now know why Hightower was so eager to have Alicent keep the king business the minute Aemma passed.In the final scene of the episode, Lord Corlys is seated by a fire in his chambers, flapping his gums to a mystery buddy. We soon see that hes creating an alliance with Daemon Targaryen. Corlys grumbles once again about the Triarchy, and the gruesome Crabfeeder. We see a protective side to Daemon, who bristles when Corlys criticizes King Viserys judgment. “I will speak of my sibling as I wish,” he states while villainously gazing over the fire. “You will not.” Lord Corlys thinks Daemon is the service to his Triarchy issue. ” Waiting in the Step Stones is a possibility for you to prove your worth to anyone who might yet doubt it. We are the realms second sons, Daemon,” Corlys states. “Our right is not given. It must be made.”.


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