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It all feels super strange to see, since Rhaenyra is such a young character. Its once again reminiscent of Arya Starks sex scene with Gendry, which was likewise unusual as hell.
FalloutYou cant expect to mess around with your royal uncle and have nobody learn, even if you are in citizens clothing.Before the night is over, Otto Hightower receives a report that Rhaenyra and Daemon were seen together at the White Worm satisfaction house. With a great quantity of awkwardness and pause, Hightower informs King Viserys of the report he received– that Daemon and Rhaenyra were seen “coupling” in the “bowels of an enjoyment den.” Viserys thinks nasty play, initially from Hightowers spy and after that from Hightower himself. ” Are you so sick with ambition that you would have my daughter stalked, spied upon, awaiting your finest possibility to damage her reputation?” an incredulous Viserys snarls at Hightower. “You think yourself a shrewd man? Your designs are apparent. You wish to have your blood on the Iron Throne so badly that youre ready to damage mine own.” While Viserys composes the claims off, Queen Alicent doesnt. Alicent summons Rhaenyra to the Godswood tree.Rhaenyra stated Daemon took her into the city for innocent fun, and calls the allegations repellent lies. Rhaenyra sweeps between capitivating herself to the Queen (” your grace, dear sis, you should understand I would never”) to indignation (” I am the princess, to question my virtue is an act of treason”). ” We consumed in a pub, several taverns, it was getting late and I asked to go home, however Daemon wished to continue,” Rhaenyra pleads. “As he was my escort I had no option … he took me to a show, I was only a spectator, I didnt do anything.”” And then Daemon sank into his cup and abandoned me for some whore. I should have known better.Rhaenyra swears on the memory of Queen Aemma that Daemon never ever touched her, and Alicent buys it. “It was silly of you to place yourself in a position where your virtue could even come into concern.” A hungover Daemon Targaryen prior to hes tossed prior to the king..
Where Rhaenyra lied about Daemon never ever touching her, Daemon lied about going further than they in fact did.” King Viserys complains that Daemon has “defiled” his child, and that he ought to disinherit Rhaenyra like he already did Daemon. Ill take her as she is and wed her in the tradition of our house,” Daemon states, adding that he and Rhaenyra can return the House of the Dragon to its correct splendor.
And so he does. King Viserys calls Otto Hightower into the Small Council chambers and hypothesizes on just how much Hightower has actually been plotting over the years. ” I will never ever recover from Aemmas death, but Alicent, she took me through the worst of my grief,” he states, prior to specifically adding, “she was a calculated interruption. I only now understand how well determined it was.” King Viserys thanks Hightower for being an important servant to the realm as he plucks the Hand badge off of Hightowers tunic. “The crown and the realm both owe you a debt that can never ever be paid back. I can no longer trust your judgment.” Hightower was indignant at the accusations, but accepted his termination with grace. Yet here the seeds for a Targaryen civil war are well and genuinely planted, as Queen Alicent is not likely to take kindly to Rhaenyras outlining to have Hightower gotten rid of. In your home of the Dragon episode 4s last scene, Grand Maester Mellos brings a liquid concoction into Rhaenyras chambers. ” A tea, princess, from the king,” Mellos explains to a confused Rhaenyra. “It will rid you of any … undesirable effects.”.

Rhaenyra states she does not understand when shell next taste flexibility, so she has to make the many of it today– at which point her and Daemon begin holding hands as they stroll into the distance.Uh oh.It gets much worse, as we see next that Daemon has actually led Rhaenyra into a pleasure house. From fucking who we want,” Daemon says as they continue to kiss. Rhaenyras night is not done yet, nevertheless, as she sneaks back into her quarters.

She first rebuffs an old male, then a teenage lord. The teenage young boy gets heckled by one of the other lords in the line, and Rhaenyra decides its time for her supper. Love really is a battlefield.On a ship back to Kings Landing, Ser Criston Cole, the knight Rhaenyra selected to add to the Kingsguard in episode 2, notes the king is likely to be not impressed that Rhaenyra declined every prospective suitor.
Its Daemon Targaryen, whos returned from the Stepstones fresh off his success versus the Crabfeeder. Daemon is received by the court in the Great Hall. Having not seen his bro in years– Daemon was expelled from the capital at the end of episode 1– he opens by presenting the Crabfeeders sword: “Add it to the chair” he states to Viserys as he drops it at the iron throne.Daemon describes that hes been named the King of the Narrow Sea after his triumph over the Triarchy. In an obvious act of reconciliation, Daemon bends the knee and states there is just one true king. “My crown and the Stepstones are yours,” he states as he bends the knee. After a tense few minutes, and a few glares from a suspicious Otto Hightower, King Viserys accepts Daemons gesture with a warm hug.” The world owes you an excellent debt, sibling,” Viserys states as the court praises Daemon.Rhaenyra reception by Viserys was conspicuously cooler. With events going on in one of Kings Landings yards, Rhaenyra approaches Viserys, Daemon and Queen Alicent. Rhaenyra congratulates Daemon, who can rapidly intuit that the king and queen dont want a bar of the princess. A declined Rhaenyra goes to sit on a bench in the corner of the party. Alicent follows her.” It is uncommon for girls in this realm to get a choice in between 2 suitors, no less 2 rating,” Alicent reprimands Rhaenyra. The princess rebuffs the Queen, eye-rolling that those “males and young boys” just want her name and her Valyrian blood. ” How romantic it must be to be imprisoned in a castle and made to eject beneficiaries,” Rhaenyra scoffs. She then understands the bad taste of saying this to the queen, and winces in shame..

” The king went through fantastic effort to organize your tour,” Queen Alicent said. “He is disappointed. But I am delighted youre house. I find I have couple of friends lately. I like to think Im still the Lady Alicent, however all anybody sees when they look at me now is a Queen.” Odd flex, but OK.Rhaenyra discovers Daemon alone under the Godwood tree and asks why hes returned, but soonthereafter goes back to grumbling about the marriage trip thing. Daemon informs her that marriages are only about politics, that she can still do as she pleases once shes wed. Simply look at him: Hes married to a girl in the vale, and we have not even seen her yet. ” For guys marriage might be a political plan,” Rhaenyra responds. “For women its a death sentence … My mom was made to produce successors up until it eliminated her. I wont subject myself to that fate.” She says she has no desire to live in fear– just privacy when Daemon tells her not to live a life of worry.” Such a lonely possibility,” he says with a faint grin. Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen, niece and uncle..
Task and pleasureConspicuous by his lack from the frivolities is Lord Corlys Valeryon, who was combating the Triarchy alongside Daemon. This is obviously a big offer– big enough to get Hand of the King Otto Hightower sweating. Hightower says that the Small Council will have to arrange its own marital relationship pact.

Home of the Dragons third episode was its best yet, as we got to see Daemon Targaryen shine in a sweet fight sequence. Daemon returns to a larger function in episode 4, titled King of the Narrow Sea. Theres less slicing and dicing in this episode, however no shortage of savage politicking. I tell ya, these lords and girls of Westeros, they love the politicking.Unlike episode 3, which took location 3 years after episode 2, theres no major time jump in between episodes here. That means Rhaenyra Targaryen is still coming to grips with the marriage responsibilities that King Viserys Targaryen has actually thrust upon her. Thats where the experience starts this week.Below is a complete wrap-up of House of the Dragon episode 4, The King of the Narrow Sea. Beware: Spoilers for House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones are ahead..
Royal weddingIn a moment of fatherly generosity, King Viserys Targaryen at the end of House of the Dragon episode 3 proclaimed his child Rhaenyra Targaryen could select who she wed. Episode 4 begins with Westerosi lords providing themselves to the beneficiary obvious, hoping shell accept their hand in marriage.Rhaenyra is having none of it..

Cloaked in a commoners clothes, the secret course leads her to Daemon, who accompanies Rhaenyra out into the streets of Kings Landing.For one night, shes not the princess– shes simply a girl.Daemon and Rhaenyra in citizens clothes.
In a scene reminiscent of Arya Stark seeing a play depicting the death of her dad, Rhaenyra and Daemon watch a street performance stating her ascendance to heir evident over Daemon. Rhaenyra states she does not know when shell next taste freedom, so she has to make the many of it today– at which point her and Daemon begin holding hands as they stroll into the distance.Uh oh.It gets much worse, as we see next that Daemon has actually led Rhaenyra into a satisfaction house. Where Rhaenyra lied about Daemon never touching her, Daemon lied about going even more than they actually did.” King Viserys grumbles that Daemon has actually “defiled” his daughter, and that he ought to disinherit Rhaenyra like he currently did Daemon.

With that threatening marital cloud hanging over her head, Rhaenyra retires to her room. There she finds a scroll of parchment with guidelines leading her to a secret exit. Cloaked in a commoners clothes, the secret path leads her to Daemon, who escorts Rhaenyra out into the streets of Kings Landing.For one night, shes not the princess– shes just a girl.Daemon and Rhaenyra in commoners clothes.
In a scene reminiscent of Arya Stark viewing a play portraying the death of her daddy, Rhaenyra and Daemon view a street efficiency stating her ascendance to beneficiary obvious over Daemon. Daemon advises her that numerous in Westoros will constantly prefer a male over a lady as ruler. Seeing Daemon, the soldier lets them off.


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