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Home of the Dragons third episode was its finest yet, as we got to see Daemon Targaryen shine in a sweet battle sequence. Daemon go back to a bigger role in episode 4, entitled King of the Narrow Sea. Theres less dicing and slicing in this episode, however no shortage of savage politicking. I inform ya, these lords and women of Westeros, they love the politicking.Unlike episode 3, which happened three years after episode 2, theres no significant time dive between episodes here. That means Rhaenyra Targaryen is still facing the marriage responsibilities King Viserys Targaryen has thrust upon her. Thats where the experience begins this week.Below is a complete recap of House of the Dragon episode 4, The King of the Narrow Sea. Beware: Spoilers for House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones are ahead..
Royal weddingIn a moment of fatherly generosity, King Viserys Targaryen at the end of House of the Dragon episode 3 announced his child Rhaenyra Targaryen might select who she married. The teenage young boy gets heckled by one of the other lords in the line, and Rhaenyra decides its time for her dinner. Love really is a battlefield.On a ship back to Kings Landing, Ser Criston Cole, the knight Rhaenyra chose to include to the Kingsguard in episode 2, keeps in mind the king is most likely to be not impressed that Rhaenyra declined every potential suitor.
Its Daemon Targaryen, whos returned from the Stepstones fresh off his success against the Crabfeeder. Daemon is gotten by the court in the Great Hall. Having actually not seen his brother in years– Daemon was expelled from the capital at the end of episode 1– he opens by providing the Crabfeeders sword: “Add it to the chair” he says to Viserys as he drops it at the Iron Throne.Daemon describes that hes been called the King of the Narrow Sea after his triumph over the Triarchy. In an obvious act of reconciliation, Daemon states and flexes the knee there is only one real king. “My crown and the Stepstones are yours,” he states. After a tense couple of minutes, and a couple of glares from a suspicious Otto Hightower, King Viserys accepts Daemons gesture with a warm hug.” The world owes you an excellent financial obligation, sibling,” Viserys says as the court praises Daemon.Rhaenyras reception by Viserys was notably cooler. With celebrations going on in one of Kings Landings courtyards, Rhaenyra approaches Viserys, Daemon and Queen Alicent. Rhaenyra praises Daemon, who can rapidly intuit that the king and queen dont want a bar of the princess. A declined Rhaenyra goes to rest on a bench in the corner of the celebration. Alicent follows her.” It is rare for women in this world to get a choice between 2 suitors, no less two score,” Alicent reprimands Rhaenyra. The princess rebuffs the Queen, eye-rolling that those “men and boys” only desire her name and her Valyrian blood. ” How romantic it should be to be imprisoned in a castle and made to eject successors,” Rhaenyra scoffs. She then recognizes that saying this to the queen is in poor taste, and she recoils in embarrassment. ” The king went through great effort to arrange your trip,” Queen Alicent stated. “He is annoyed. I am grateful youre house. I find I have few friends lately. I like to think Im still the Lady Alicent, however all anybody sees when they take a look at me now is a queen.” Unusual flex, but OK.Rhaenyra discovers Daemon alone under the Godswood tree and asks why hes returned, but quickly thereafter goes back to grumbling about the marital relationship tour thing. Daemon informs her that marriages are just about politics, that she can still do as she pleases when shes wed. Just take a look at him: Hes wed to a woman in the vale, and we have not even seen her yet. ” For males marital relationship might be a political arrangement,” Rhaenyra responds. “For ladies its a death sentence … My mom was made to produce successors till it eliminated her. I wont subject myself to that fate.” When Daemon tells her not to live a life of fear, she says she has no desire to reside in fear– just solitude.” Such a lonely prospect,” he says with a faint smile. Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen, niece and uncle..
Duty and pleasureConspicuous by his lack from the frivolities is Lord Corlys Velaryon, who was fighting the Triarchy alongside Daemon. With that threatening marital cloud hanging over her head, Rhaenyra retires to her room. Cloaked in a citizens clothes, the secret path leads her to Daemon, who accompanies Rhaenyra out into the streets of Kings Landing.For one night, shes not the princess– shes simply a girl.Daemon and Rhaenyra in commoners garb.
In a scene similar to Arya Stark watching a play portraying the death of her father, Rhaenyra and Daemon watch a street efficiency stating her ascendance to successor evident over Daemon. It gets even more uncomfortable when the thespians get to the subject of Aegon Targaryen, King Viserys kid with Queen Alicent.” Would she make a powerful queen or would she be feeble? Aegon the babe prince might long proclaim, he has 2 things Rhaenyra can not: A conquerors name and a cock.” Rhaenyra, still in the camouflage of a citizen, begins mocking prior to strolling away. Daemon advises her that many in Westeros will constantly want a man over a female as ruler.” Their wants are of no consequence,” she states, brushing him off.” Theyre of excellent consequence if you anticipate to rule them one day.” Keen to unshackle herself from the concerns of royalty, Rhaenyra enjoys some classic horseplay: Stealing goods from a merchant. She runs, Daemon following, till she turns a corner and bumps into a City Watch soldier. He acknowledges her as the princess, however she begs him to leave her be. Seeing Daemon, the soldier lets them off. Rhaenyra states she does not understand when shell next taste flexibility, so she has to take advantage of it today– at which point she and Daemon start holding hands as they walk into the distance.Uh oh.It gets much even worse, as we see next that Daemon has led Rhaenyra into a satisfaction house. As she roams at all the chicanery around her, she asks what everybodys doing here.” Fucking is a pleasure, you see, for the lady as it is the male,” Daemon states before constructing out with his much younger niece.All of this is interspersed with a bleak scene in which a sickly King Viserys, with scabs all around his upper body, is making love with a very-not-into-it Queen Alicent. ” A marriage is for task, yes. That does not stop us from doing what we want. From fucking who we want,” Daemon states as they continue to kiss. He undresses her, however thankfully shoves her away and leaves the satisfaction home prior to things escalate. Incest might be a Targaryen custom, but I type of need to take a shower now. Rhaenyras night isnt done yet, however, as she sneaks back into her quarters. Ser Criston Cole hears a sound and thinks shes harmed herself, and shouts that hell alert the Lord Commander. She pops out of her room, informs him to shush and after that snatches his helmet. Rhaenyra beckons Ser Criston into her room and, eventually, they do the thing. All of it feels very odd to view, because Rhaenyra is such a young character. Its again reminiscent of Arya Starks sex scene with Gendry, which was likewise weird as hell. To save you a Google: Rhaenyra is 18 in the story, and the actress who plays her, Milly Alcock, is 22. Queen Alicent and Rhaenyra Targaryen..
FalloutYou cant expect to deceive around with your royal uncle and have no one discover out, even if you are in commoners clothing.Before the night is over, Otto Hightower gets a report that Rhaenyra and Daemon were seen together at the White Worm pleasure house. With much awkwardness and pause, Hightower notifies King Viserys of the report he got– that Daemon and Rhaenyra were seen “coupling” in the “bowels of an enjoyment den. Alicent summons Rhaenyra to the Godswood tree.Rhaenyra stated Daemon took her into the city for innocent enjoyable, and calls the accusations repellent lies.
Daemon isnt treated with such generosity. A hungover Daemon stumbles into the Red Keep, where hes accosted by the Kingsguard. They take him to Viserys, tossing him at the kings feet in the Great Hall. Where Rhaenyra lied about Daemon never touching her, Daemon lied about going further than they in fact did.” When we were Rhaenyras age we fucked our method through the majority of the whorehouses on the street of silk … Rhaenyra is a woman grown, better her very first experience be with me than some slut.” King Viserys complains that Daemon has “defiled” his daughter, which he must disinherit Rhaenyra like he currently did Daemon. Daemon has other ideas.” Wed her to me. You stated I could have anything when I used up my crown. I want Rhaenyra. Ill take her as she is and wed her in the custom of our home,” Daemon states, adding that he and Rhaenyra can return your home of the Dragon to its appropriate magnificence.” Its not my child you starve for is it? Its my throne,” Viserys states prior to when again eradicating Daemon from Kings Landing, demanding Daemon go back to the vale to be with his spouse. A popular tuneKing Viserys calls Rhaenyra into his chambers. As she takes in the substantial clay model of Kings Landing in Viserys living space, she glances a dagger on his table. Viserys breezes in, explaining that it was Aegon “The Conqueror” Targaryens, which the last of the Valyrion pyromancers engraved Aegons tune in the steel.Rhaenyra checks out the words inscribed on the dagger: “From my blood come the Prince Who Was Promised, and his will be the tune of Ice and Fire.” We understand from Game of Thrones that it was Jon Snow who Aegon visualized. The ice is his Stark blood, the fire his Targaryen half.” The obligation I have actually handed to you, the problem of this understanding, is bigger than the throne, the king, it is larger than you and your desires,” Viserys reprimands. The kings caution is not too different from the Stark words: “winter is coming.” Rhaenyra exclaims that if she were a male her desires would not be an issue, that she could dad a dozen bastard kids and nobody would care. Viserys agrees, however mentions she wasnt born a male and so needs to handle that drawback. Now that shes exposed herself, Viserys states, shes lost the right to select her own suitor. Rather, shell wed Ser Laenor Velaryon.” The child of the Sea Snake?” she begins to oppose, “so I can be a treatment for your political headaches?”” You are my political headache.” Rhaenyra, ever the smart political leader, strikes a bargain with her father. She agrees that the combined strength of Targaryen dragons and Velaryon ships will strengthen the realms security for another generation. But she argues theres one weak point that needs to be attended to: The Hand of the King. Otto Hightower desires his grand son, Aegon Targaryen, on the throne, Rhaenyra says, making him too self-centered to serve as Hand. ” I will do my duty as beneficiary, and wed Ser Laenor, however you must first do your task as king.” King Viserys dismisses Otto Hightower as Hand of the King..
” I will never recuperate from Aemmas death, however Alicent, she took me through the worst of my grief,” he states, prior to specifically including, “she was a calculated distraction.” King Viserys thanks Hightower for being an important servant to the realm as he plucks the Hand badge off of Hightowers tunic.” A tea, princess, from the king,” Mellos explains to a confused Rhaenyra.

Cloaked in a commoners clothes, the secret path leads her to Daemon, who accompanies Rhaenyra out into the streets of Kings Landing.For one night, shes not the princess– shes just a girl.Daemon and Rhaenyra in commoners clothes.
In a scene reminiscent of Arya Stark seeing a play depicting the death of her daddy, Rhaenyra and Daemon enjoy a street efficiency recounting her ascendance to successor obvious over Daemon. Rhaenyra states she does not understand when shell next taste freedom, so she has to make the many of it today– at which point she and Daemon begin holding hands as they walk into the distance.Uh oh.It gets much even worse, as we see next that Daemon has led Rhaenyra into a satisfaction home. Where Rhaenyra lied about Daemon never ever touching her, Daemon lied about going further than they really did.” King Viserys complains that Daemon has “defiled” his child, and that he needs to disinherit Rhaenyra like he currently did Daemon.


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