Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ Drops Another Dark and Gritty Teaser – CNET

Moon Knights release date is still more than a month away, today we have more footage including the grey-suited character to keep us occupied.The upcoming Marvel series stars Oscar Issac as the titular character and premieres on Disney Plus March 30. Following in the first trailers lead, a television spot that aired throughout the Super Bowl showcased the dark and gritty styles.

A glance of Moon Knight in complete celestial clothes.

Heres the new footage for Moon Knight.
In Moon Knight, Isaac plays a shop employee Steven Grant, who ultimately learns he has dissociative identity disorder, sharing a body with a mercenary called Marc Spector. Ethan Hawke co-stars as a weird cult leader-like figure.In case you missed it, heres the very first complete trailer for Moon Knight, which is part of Marvels Phase 4 release slate.

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