Mystery Sarcophagus Found Below Notre Dame to Be Opened ‘Very Soon’ – CNET

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A fire in 2019 terribly harmed Notre Dame, the Gothic cathedral in Paris that dates from the 12th century..

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After Paris Notre Dame Cathedral suffered a disastrous fire in 2019, an archeological excavation was bought prior to full repair might start. In March, a month after the archeological study began, it was exposed that the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research had found a sarcophagus dating back to the 14th century.Now, were about to find out whats inside. French archaeologists stated Thursday theyll be opening the sarcophagus “soon” after analyzing it using an endoscopic camera. According to, the camera exposed the top half of a skeleton, a pillow, material and unidentified objects.Carbon dating might be used to identify the age of the skeleton, the report stated, while scientists will likewise have the ability to identify its gender and former health.Read likewise: A Visual History of Notre Dame de ParisIts likely that the sarcophagus consists of the remains of a high dignitary, offered the importance of their last resting location, according to the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research.” The whole right-of-way is covered by a stone flooring, dated no later on than XVIII century. It includes numerous burials and is based on levels of profession dating from the XIV century,” said the institutes March press release explaining the finding. “Among the tombs discovered, a completely preserved anthropomorphic sarcophagus made from lead was discovered.”.


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