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Im still mad about the Ozark ending. I have not been this upset about a series finale since Dexter. Fantastic writing just goes all to shit trying to cover whatever up and it doesnt bring any closure.– Rada (@ThaRebeliouZ) May 8, 2022

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Ruth Langmore is a Legend, her craft is simply out of this world. She should have all the credit. What a spectacular performance.Julia Garner #Ozark pic.twitter.com/8ewsXfPHuR— Ontshiametse Molekoa (@OntshiametseMo4) May 1, 2022

A miraculous escapeBefore we get to other huge moment, a quick note on the cars and truck crash that opened season 4 part one. It comes after one of season 4 part 2s most significant subplots, that of Wendys father Nathan Davis trying to get custody over Jonah and Charlotte. Season four part one began with a car crash.
However thanks to an interrogation from Ruth Langmore, Nathan is revealed to be absolutely nothing more than a vindictive dad whos taking Jonah and Charlotte away simply to spite Wendy. As Soon As Nathan Davis, held at gunpoint by Ruth, tells this to Jonah and Charlotte, the kids decide to reunite with Marty and Wendy. Their delighted car flight home is when the remarkable however irrelevant crash happens..

The Ozark ending will polarize audiences however for me, they did that completely. They culminated it precisely how the world they revealed is. What a show. Will miss it.– Nidhi Shankar (@BoldMonk_) May 12, 2022

When he gets back to Chicago, he just cant do it. He keeps considering the Byrdes, and about that cookie jar. It clicks: Ben desired to purchase a farm and raise goats, and Ruth was keeping his ashes in a goat-themed cookie container. The ashes of Wendys bro represented cold, difficult evidence against the Byrdes.The Byrdes shop him off, however Sattem refuses. ” You dont get to win. You dont get to be the Kochs or the Kennedys,” he says. “World does not work like that.” Wendy responds: “Since when?” Then we hear a weapon cock. Its Jonah Byrde, who for both part one and two of season 4 has actually been estranged from the family. He cant square the immoral acts his parents have actually committed, and is particularly irritated by his unrepentant mom. Yet there he is, aiming a gun squarely at a private investigator trying to do great. Marty and Wendy look on, pride sneaking onto their face as Jonah accepts the family and what theyve done. As the screen fades to black we hear a gunshot. But who, or what, did Jonah shoot? Did he shoot Sattem, or did he shoot the cookie container to destroy the only evidence against his household that exists? Some have actually hypothesized that Jonah, with the keenest sense of justice amongst them, would not have shot dead Sattem. Jonah shot the Sattem if you go by what showrunner Chris Mundy states. Mundy informed Vanity Fair that Jonahs muder of Sattem showed “the household being restored together through this act of violence.” However that killing isnt revealed on the screen, so is ultimately exposed ended. Who, or what, do you think Jonah shot?
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Ozarks 4th season included the shows last 7 episodes ever. Endings are difficult, specifically for a critically well-known show, however after five years Ozark lastly has its finake. Was it a great ending? Depend upon who you ask.Ozark began in 2017 with Chicago accounting professional Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) making a deal for his life: After finding himself on the wrong side of a drug cartel gun, he says hell launder cash in the Ozarks in exchange for the security of his family. By the time we got to season fours very first part, back in January, Marty and his partner, Wendy (Laura Linney), remained in deep with that cartel. They d establish a casino to launder millions, had containers of blood on their hands and were working with both the cartel and the FBI to strike an offer that would lastly let them avoid town and begin afresh. Throughout Ozarks four seasons, the couple constantly got themselves into tight circumstances that they were able to slip out of at the last second. However the walls were surrounding them as season four sequel started: Could they manage a final Houdini?As the petition to remake the last season of Game of Thrones reveals, dedicated fan bases can be tough to please. A few of what goes down in the final episode has fans divided. Heres how that story ends. Spoilers ahead.

To see Jonah Byrde get the gun in last scene of Ozark was heart breaking.– Zaffar (@Zaffar_Nama) May 7, 2022.

Now that Ozark has actually been out for a min … * spoiler alert * ********* Its totally bullshit that they all made it through that car crash.– Terrell Mallory (@_Twinndiesel) May 11, 2022.

* Spoilers * That Ozark ending was harrowing as fuck. The predatory glint in Jonahs eyes. The pride on Wendy and Martys faces. Chills. Jonah was the last vestige of mankind the Byrdes had and the show ends with the dark rot consuming them all. A best ending. #Ozark– Rōnin (@Wynnston_) May 2, 2022.

She was shot and killed by Camila Navarro, the brand-new cartel boss.Played by Julia Garner, Ruth is a constant emphasize of the show, and her unstable relationship with Marty was especially engaging in Ozarks first three seasons. Season 4 part one ended with Ruth charging down a highway in search of Javier, the nephew of Omar Navarro. In the 2nd episode of season four part 2, Ruth traps and eliminates Javi. It comes after one of season 4 part 2s biggest subplots, that of Wendys papa Nathan Davis attempting to get custody over Jonah and Charlotte. Ben was especially killed in season 3 by order of his sis Wendy because Bens shenanigans would have actually gotten the whole family killed.

Jonah becomes a Byrde againAfter the gala, minutes after we see Ruth killed, the Byrde family arrives at their home. He made his Ozark debut in season four part one, where he was examining the disappearance of Helen Pierce. Ben was significantly killed in season three by order of his sister Wendy because Bens shenanigans would have actually gotten the entire household killed.
Sattem finds that Wendy had been lying about the last time she saw Ben and got photo evidence of Wendy taking Ben into the diner that was to be the site of his last recognized appearance. He becomes a crucial asset in Nathan Davis effort to get a court to separate Jonah and Charlotte from their moms and dads, so Marty and Wendy have him taken out. Sattem was staying at Ruth Langmores Lazy-O Motel and checks out to head back to Chicago.

I liked the #Ozark ending. They didnt child us, remained real to themselves. Didnt need to be a neat little bow on top. I understand. The Byrdes are covered in blood and dirt, but theyre about to be one of the popular political families in the country. American method.– S I L K Y (@CoolItSilky) April 30, 2022.

She was shot and killed by Camila Navarro, the brand-new cartel boss.Played by Julia Garner, Ruth is a constant emphasize of the show, and her turbulent relationship with Marty was specifically engaging in Ozarks very first three seasons. Season 4 part one ended with Ruth charging down a highway in search of Javier, the nephew of Omar Navarro. In the 2nd episode of season four part two, Ruth traps and eliminates Javi.
Get in Camila, the new bossCamila pretends to understand cartel politics however orders a hit on Omar in jail. Omar makes it through the assassination attempt and believes one amongst the cartel ranks lagged the plot. More treachery: The Byrdes plot with Camila to topple Omar, organizing yet another hit and for Camila to strike the exact same FBI offer accepted by Omar that would see the Byrdes clean their hands of the entire cartel thing. That strategy goes awry when Camila goes to prison to state a last bye-bye to Omar. There Omar, realizing somethings wrong, tells Camila that he didnt eliminate Javi at all and that he does not understand who did– he only knows what Wendy Byrde told him. Camila thinks him however goes through with the assassination anyway. After 4 seasons of pulling strings, Omar Navarro is gotten. The final scenes of the final episode center on a Byrde Family Foundation gala, where big donors are coming through to make all of the Byrdes dreams come real. The gala is drawing in big-ticket donors, so they can return to Chicago and live out their days as the charitable owners of a huge non-profit organization. Finally, they did it. Until Camila enters the party. Camila Elizondro.
Shaw buckles and informs Camila that Ruth Langmore did it. Camila calls over one of her henchman and tells him to kill the Byrdes and their kids if Marty or Wendy attempt to provide Ruth any advance notice and Camila is coming for her. Theyre safe, however can do nothing to conserve Ruth– which is painful to both them and us.


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