See NASA’s DART Probe Make Impact With Asteroid Dimorphos video – CNET

Speaker 1: Imagine. Um, and letting us know

Speaker 1: 14,000 miles per hour. And keep in mind, you understand, uh, 45 minutes back, 55 minutes back, we couldnt even solve this, this item in space. And now we are, you can see us zeroing in right on target,

Speaker 2: And were now dropping the clock. And well pass loss of signal to confirm effect,

Speaker 1: Oh boy. Were getting close.

Speaker 2: 14,000 miles per hour. Lori,

Speaker 1:?

Speaker 3: Yes,

Speaker 3: That we, I feel

Speaker 1: What a group,.

Speaker 3: Oh,.

Speaker 3: Oh my goodness. Look at that.

Speaker 3: All right,.

Speaker 3: Oh my gosh.

Speaker 1: I believe. I think were beginning to see more, uh, more resolution. In truth, look at that. Did Hemos has actually even headed out of the view. Were now just seeing dimorphic.

Speaker 1: Oh, wow.

Speaker 1: Unbelievable. Yeah.

Speaker 4: Looks like [00:01:00] control system settling. Angular rates look truly excellent. I believe were gon na get the investigation team some good pictures.

Speaker 3: This.

Speaker 3: What.

Speaker 2: Team. A few weeks ago they had their last gown rehearsal. They were getting psychological at the gown wedding rehearsal, and theyre like, This is, this is crazy. Were getting emotional. This is not the genuine thing. I can just picture what they are feeling today.

Speaker 2: Is impressive stuff.

Speaker 2: Like well understand effective. Like thatll be a crystal clear

Speaker 1: 14,000 miles per hour. Speaker 1: I believe. Speaker 3: Wow. Speaker 3: Impact. Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 3: And we have impact for humanity in the name of.

Speaker 2: What, what a minute. This is gorgeous to enjoy.

Well, you can see them there on screen. Theyre all quite excited. Wow.

Speaker 2: Planetary defense.

Speaker 1: To me like were headed straight in.

Speaker 3: Amazing,.

Speaker 2: Waiting [00:02:00] visual verification.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Oh my goodness. 8, 7, 6. Wow. 4, 3, 2, 1. Oh my gosh. Oh, wow.

Speaker 1: Sorry. You see those specific boulders there? We can see shadows. Extremely surface. Still.

Speaker 3: << laugh>>.

Speaker 1: We got it.

Speaker 1: Team and what an achievement.

Speaker 2: Amazing.

Speaker 3: Impact. Look at that.

Speaker 3: [00:01:30] Looks.

Speaker 3: Wow. Come on.

Speaker 2: Signal.

Speaker 2: Hearing impact. The curtains close on Graco feed that raw joy from the team. Years of effort and the weight of expectation took off their shoulders. This is, this is an 80.

Speaker 1: Oh, fantastic.

Speaker 3: Woo. Fantastic.


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