Teenage Engineering and Love Hulten designed a drum machine ‘with heart disease’

Teenage Engineerings latest drum maker most likely isnt one that youre going to use to include percussion to your next piece. The business teamed up with designer Love Hulten to produce CHD-4 in the aim of raising awareness about genetic heart illness.
The drum maker has 4 modules that produce rhythms based on the echocardiogram (ECG) scans of four children with heart problems. The scan outcomes exposed the shape, speed and BPM of their heartbeats, Teenage Engineering stated. It included the data to a four-track circular sequencer. The patterns can be played together or individually in order to create sounds that exemplify “each childs irregular heart beat.” A video offers a sense of the type of haunting soundscapes the device can develop:

” Drum devices are specified by order– beats, speed, and rhythm,” Hulten said. “This device interrupts that system, the same way life is interfered with when a child is born with congenital heart illness.” The machine likewise has an OLED screen that illustrates the audio and beat in a similar fashion to a proper ECG device.
Its an art task, no doubt, however its a fascinating one thats raising awareness of an important problem. If youre fortunate, and have deep adequate pockets, you might be able to include CHD– 4 to your collection. It will be auctioned on Valentines Day (February 14th), with all earnings going to the Swedish Heartchild Foundation.
Teenage Engineering/Love Hulten
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The drum device has four modules that produce rhythms based on the echocardiogram (ECG) scans of 4 children with heart problems.” Drum makers are defined by order– beats, rate, and rhythm,” Hulten stated. The device also has an OLED screen that portrays the audio and beat in a similar fashion to an appropriate ECG machine.


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