The Morning After: Sony reveals plans for ‘Horizon’ and ‘God of War’ TV shows

If youre going to update your cooking area tools, go hard. Thats what Sam Rutherford finished with his pepper mill, upgrading from pre-filled non reusable mills to the $200 Pepper Cannon. What. A. Name.
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It features a lifetime subscription to its services.

Yes, Sonys improving PS5 production. It requires to. However throughout its investor rundown yesterday, the company also revealed its expanding its efforts to bring major PlayStation IPs to TVs in a non-interactive type. While a The Last of Us series is currently on its way to HBO, Sony exposed preparation is underway for a show based upon the Horizon games, coming to Netflix.
Spreading the goodness around, Sonys planning a God of War series for Amazon Prime Video, too. Less interesting, a minimum of as a principle, there will likewise be a Gran Turismo program in the works.
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With Top Gun: Maverick finally in theaters, the matching Microsoft Flight Simulator growth is introducing. The complimentary add-on deals a taste of the US Navys real-world flight training. Youll get a Maverick Edition livery for the F/A -18 E Super Hornet fighter jet, learn to arrive on an attack aircraft carrier and carry out combat maneuvers.
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Fingers crossed Half-Life: Alyx is among them.

Eagle one, fox three.

Broadcom isnt done attempting major acquisitions. The chip giant is purchasing cloud- and virtualization-focused software designer VMware for the equivalent of $61 billion in cash and stock. The move would fold Broadcoms software department into VMware and could develop a cloud service powerhouse that assists companies run apps in all sorts of environments. Its a great deal of cash, however Microsofts still-pending buyout of Activision Blizzard rings in at more: $68.7 billion.
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His new preferred kitchen gizmo.

It would be among the largest tech acquisitions to date.

Ditch the “dumb” bulbs.

Oura teamed up with fashion house Gucci to launch the limited-edition Gucci x Oura Ring. Its made of black synthetic corundum and is adorned with the famous interlocking “G” and a braided torchon pattern, both in 18-carat yellow gold. Youll certainly pay a premium for this thing, now available at choose shops all over the world for $950. The bright side is Ouras Lifetime Membership subscription is included in the rate. This provides beneficial healing insights and other metrics based on your whatever, sleep and activity else.
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Start with clever lights. Not just are they reasonably economical compared to other clever home gadgets, typically as inexpensive as $10 a bulb, but they can likewise entirely alter the feel of your home. There are now more players in smart lighting than ever previously, so weve checked out some of the very best alternatives.
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PlayStation VR2 (PSVR 2) might not have a release date yet, however Sony plainly has huge prepare for it. At a financier rundown, the business revealed therell be at least 20 “significant” PSVR 2 video games available at the start. Most importantly, these will include both very first- and third-party titles.
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Yes, Sonys increasing PS5 production. Throughout its investor instruction the other day, the business also exposed its expanding its efforts to bring major PlayStation IPs to TVs in a non-interactive kind. While a The Last of Us series is already on its way to HBO, Sony revealed planning is underway for a program based on the Horizon video games, coming to Netflix.
PlayStation VR2 (PSVR 2) might not have a release date yet, but Sony plainly has big strategies for it. At an investor briefing, the company revealed therell be at least 20 “significant” PSVR 2 games available at the start.


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