What are OpenProject Work Packages, and how do you create one?

Jack Wallen presents you to a really helpful function in OpenProject called Work Packages that can assist make your job management tasks even easier.

That function is called Work Packages. Believe of Work Packages as a collection of jobs, milestones, and phases that are integrated in a bundle to make those properties easier to handle.
With Work Packages, you could produce a package called Part A and then add jobs, turning points and phases to it such that they are plainly a part of the same plan.
The only thing youll require to make this work is a running circumstances of OpenProject. Thats it, lets produce our first Work Package.

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OpenProject is a powerful, open-source job management platform that not just uses all the features you need to handle your numerous jobs however can likewise be released to your information center or a cloud-based host. Thanks to the open-source nature of the project, you do not have to fret about any sensitive task data mistakenly discovering its way into the hands of the incorrect individual, due to the fact that it was hosted on a third-party service.
One of the features discovered in OpenProject might be a bit complicated at first, once you comprehend its purpose, it not only ends up being clear, it ends up being rather helpful. That function is called Work Packages. Consider Work Packages as a collection of tasks, milestones, and phases that are integrated in a plan to make those possessions much easier to manage.
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State for instance that you have a large job that consists of numerous parts. Task 1 includes Parts A-Z, and each part has jobs, stages and turning points to handle. With Work Packages, you might develop a bundle called Part An and after that include phases, jobs and milestones to it such that they are clearly a part of the exact same bundle.
Think About Work Packages as yet another method of quickly seeing your turning points, jobs and phases but in such a way that makes their relationships extremely apparent.
Let me reveal you how to develop your first Work Package.
What youll need.
The only thing youll need to make this work is a running instance of OpenProject. Read How to quickly release the OpenProject platform as a Docker container if you have not currently released the platform. Thats it, lets create our first Work Package.
How to create a brand-new Work Package.
Log in to your OpenProject account, choose the project you wish to work with from the Project drop-down in the upper left corner, and after that click Work Packages at the top of the left navigation (Figure A).
Figure A.
The OpenProject sidebar navigation.
In the resulting window (Figure B), click Create New Work Package.
Figure B.
Here you see Ive currently created my first Work Package and added a couple of tasks.
When prompted (Figure C), type a name for the new Work Package.
Figure C.
Giving our brand-new Work Package a name.
After typing the name, hit Enter on your keyboard to wait. If you then click the brand-new Work Project, you can give it an assignee, mark somebody as accountable for it and take care of a number of other details (Figure D).
Figure D.
There are a lot of options and configurations that can be contributed to the brand-new Work Package.
How to include a phase, turning point or job to the Work Package.
Prior to you close the Details View, click the RELATIONS tab and then click Create New Child (Figure E).
Figure E.
The RELATIONS tab for our new Work Package.
A new entry will appear (Figure F), where you can choose a TYPE, add a SUBJECT and alter the Status.
Figure F.
Adding a new job to our Work Package.
The brand-new job will be contributed to the package and noted in the primary view (Figure G).
Figure G.
Our brand-new Part A task has been contributed to Project 1.
You can keep adding new kids or include current children to the Work Package until youve ended up. When youve finished the Package, close the Details View and youre ready to proceed.
Congratulations on making OpenProject an even more efficient job management platform.
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