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Google now lets you erase current search history and …

Did you just browse something embarrassing on Google? Cringeworthy your recent searches might have been, Google has a simple and fast method to erase those last search inquiries. (You can have a look at how to stop Google from tracking you and how to immediately erase your location and activity history, too.).
Brett Pearce/CNET.
The function, which the search huge revealed at its Google I/O designers conference in 2021, is amongst a handful of options developed to secure user privacy. While Google didnt enter the fundamentals of the numerous reasons somebody might want to expunge the record of their search history, the company did demonstrate how to do it, along with concealing choose images from Google Photos. You can watch how to do it in the video below, or scroll down for directions on how to erase your current search history..

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How to quick-delete your Google search history from the last 15 minutes Step 1: Tap on your profile photo to access your menu. When youve done that, Google will erase all your search history from the previous quarter of an hour.


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