Kanye Says His New Album ‘Donda 2’ Won’t Be on Most Streaming Platforms – CNET

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Kanye Wests new album might be readily available only on his $200 Stem Player..
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Kanye fans wanting to listen to Donda 2, the stars latest album, on Spotify, Apple Music or other significant streaming services might be out of luck. In an Instagram post Friday, Kanye said that his latest work will skip most popular streaming platforms and rather land specifically on the $200 Kanye-owned Stem Player. The factors behind the relocation appear to be financial. “Today, artists get just 12% of the cash the market makes. Its time to totally free music from this overbearing system. Its time to take control and construct our own,” Kanye composed. Check out more: Best Music Streaming Services for 2022Kanyes Stem Player is a small gadget that plays music but likewise enables users to isolate the vocals, drums, bass and samples of a song. Users can remix, include results, download mixes, repeat and save their creations right on the device itself. Kanye says that there are currently 67,000 systems readily available now, with 3,000 being made every day. Donda 2 is the sequel to Yes hit album Donda, which was released last summer season. Donda 2 is set to drop on Feb. 22.


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