‘Monument Valley’ studio returns with a cerebral and sporty roguelike, ‘Desta’

Ustwo, the studio behind Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, is dealing with a brand-new video game called Desta: The Memories Between. It features a mix of roguelike, turn-based and sports-game mechanics, and its in advancement for multiple platforms– though exactly which stays a mystery, as does the video games release date. The studio guarantees to share more info in the coming months.
Desta occurs in two worlds, truth and a limbo comprised of the protagonists memories, and its main gameplay mechanic involves tossing around a blue ball. The story follows Desta, an individual in their 20s who returns home after leaving their liked ones in chaos a while back. Destas daddy has passed away, and when they discover his treasured blue ball, theyre transported to a dreamlike world where they can face their past and talk with the people they left behind. Fixing physics and spatial puzzles with the ball unlocks discussion with Destas family and friends members, and assists them discover the required words to move on.
The video game is fully voice acted, and ustwo developers are pulling motivation from video games like Hades and Into the Breach for its mechanics.
“Desta is the inmost, most ambitious and most replayable title from ustwo games yet, however with all the heart and approachability that the London studio is known for,” according to ustwo.All items recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our moms and dad company. A few of our stories consist of affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, we may make an affiliate commission.


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