Save $140 on Ninja’s Supercharged Air-Frying Toaster Oven — Today Only – CNET

You might know something about air fryers by now, and Im prepared to wager youve dealt with a toaster prior to. What you may not know is some toaster now include air frying functions. Some are better than others and after that theres the finest. That would be Ninjas insanely powerful flip-up Foodi toaster and air fryer. Its presently on deep discount rate at Best Buy for just $150, down $140 from the regular cost. Note, however that this one-day offer ends tonight (May 31). A nearly identical design– same wattage, function and cooking capability but with a little various design and controls– topped our list of finest air-frying toaster ovens in an exhaustive test of some of the leading models.Besides being an even-cooking and incredibly accurate toaster with the capacity to hold 9 slices of bread or a 13-inch pizza, the Ninja Foodi air fries and does it about also and as quickly as any model weve tested. Even better, the whole toaster flips upright on a back hinge when not in usage giving you more counter area. When upright, its about 8 inches from front to back. Pretty cool, right?The wisely developed Ninja flips as much as conserve area on the counter when not in use.
Long story short: If youre searching for a powerful toaster with lightning-fast preheat times and the capability to air fry the dickens out of chicken wings, french fries and a lot more, this is the one to buy. And now is the time to purchase it while its on sale for $150 at Best Buy.Read more: Best Toaster Oven for 2022


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