Traeger’s redesigned Timberline is full of smart grilling tech

Traeger promotes “a totally brand-new level of performance” thanks to a brand-new clever combustion system. Until now, Traeger had not consisted of integrated illumination, but the brand-new Timberline has it. Rather of a four-post support for the new Timberline, Traeger decided for a cart stand like you typically see with gas grills. Traeger created the brand-new Timberline so it can be installed in an outside kitchens countertop setup. The new Timberline and the bigger Timberline XL will sit at the pinnacle of Traegers product lineup.

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Rather, it focused on revamping its app to include dish assistance and video tips along with an Apple Watch version and just recently presented Traeger Provisions meal (read: banquet) package service. For barbecuing season 2022, though, Traeger has totally revamped its premium design, the Timberline.
And a lot of those upgrades associate with the tech. Traeger promotes “an entirely brand-new level of efficiency” thanks to a brand-new clever combustion system. With included sensing units, the grill keeps an eye on the cooking location to avoid pesky flare-ups for consistent outcomes. The company has actually also switched out the old black and white display for a full-color touchscreen unit. Not only does it provide a more contemporary appearance, but the screen can show an assisted setup in addition to keeping track of time and temperature level. Whats more, Traeger has integrated in an upkeep check where the grill can self-diagnose concerns and guide you to client service or replacement parts through a special QR code.
You will not need to stress over the Timberline pulling cooking power for that display either. Traeger states dual controllers deal with the cooking and the screen individually, and the display has its own dedicated graphics processor. The new controller immediately identifies Meaters wireless food probes and the brand-new Timberline features two of those accessories (you can utilize up to four at a time). In case you missed it, Traeger obtained Meater last summer season, so this integration was inevitable. The only caution is you have to utilize the probes created for the new Timberline grills. Previous versions from Meater arent the same so they wont work here. If you choose wired probes, you can still use those on these new models..
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To assist with sauces, frying, other and searing jobs, the brand-new Timberline grills have a side burner. Sure, a great deal of grills have that extra burner, however theyre not common on pellet models. More particularly, Traeger states this Timberline includes the first outdoor-rated induction burner for both precision and power. It needs to particularly come in handy for fans of the reverse sear as it will warm up much faster than attempting to get the entire grill approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit or greater after a fast smoke..
Plenty of grills offer lighting to help you see at night, with Weber being one of the greatest names to do so. Till now, Traeger had not included built-in illumination, however the new Timberline has it. The businesss vice president of product Michael Colston discussed that Traeger spent a great deal of time looking into where the very best location for the lights need to be so that smoke doesnt hinder presence. Rather of putting lights inside the smoke chamber, it placed them on the outdoors, so it can be triggered by a cover sensor and it will not get smoked up while lighting the whole cooking surface area.
” Weve thought of where that light requirements to be placed,” he informed Engadget. “It likewise indicates to the controller that the door is open and hardly keeps the smoke going.” So when the lid is up, the grill is no longer working to produce the same level of smoke as when its closed. Its likewise not attempting to recuperate from the drop in ambient temperature level prior to youre prepared for it to do so..
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Inside, a brand-new grease and ash collection system sends out all of the waste out of the bottom rather of rolling grease to a small pan on the side. Colston explained the Timberline as “almost self-cleaning” given that a brand-new FreeFlow firepot ejects the ash over to what Traeger calls the EZ-Clean Grease & & Ash Keg. New plates channel grease to the very same receptacle where gravity rollovers wood pellet ash and debris. Putting all the waste in one spot, this brand-new setup also indicates you wont have to break out the shop vac as frequently to clean up. Colston explained hes been using a brand-new Timberline for months and most likely mightve gone longer without vacuuming out the inside. If the description is accurate, this will alleviate an essential headache with pellet grills..
Instead of a four-post assistance for the new Timberline, Traeger chose for a cart stand like you typically see with gas grills. This provides more storage via a cabinet and little shelves below the pellet hopper. The business likewise designed what it calls the Pop-And-Lock (P.A.L.) rail system for accessories– things like an adjustable roll holder (paper towels, foil or butcher paper), tool hooks and a basket for rubs/sauces. The rails twist around the front and sides of the grill, however not the back, so you have some space to move things as required. Traeger relocated the pellet hopper cleanout chute to right listed below the hopper, so its accessible from the front. The cart was created so you can easily move in a storage container and empty pellets in between cooks. So not only are you able to keep your fuel fresh, however you might likewise be most likely to use various kinds of wood instead of staying with your go-to variety (read: purchase more pellets).
The brand-new Timberline should likewise provide more consistent efficiency in cold weather thanks to complete stainless-steel insulation and a multi-level heat shipment system that covers the cooking location in glowing heat. Traeger states all of this creates hotter temperature levels at the grates for better enhanced and searing general heat policy.
Traeger designed the new Timberline so it can be installed in an outside kitchens countertop setup. A trim set can be acquired for a completed look and you can install the induction side burner off to the side of the grill. Great deals of Traeger users have developed outside setups with counters and bigger carts by removing the legs that come with the grills, so the business is catering to those folks by creating its latest design so that this procedure is fairly easy..
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Even if you do not desire a full kitchen on your outdoor patio, the company has more devices to add other culinary capabilities to the Timberline. With ModiFire items, you can buy a stainless-steel fish/veggie tray or a frying pan for the induction cook top. The business states a two-sided frying pan for usage inside the grill is coming this fall alongside pizza stone and cover system that has its own sensing units and cooking algorithm..
The Timberline is still powered by Traegers D2 platform and WiFire cordless connectivity. And yes, you can use it to control that new side burner with the app too. Super Smoke mode is likewise back for low-and-slow cooking, but Traeger says its capable of even more taste with that brand-new firepot that can churn out more smoke.
The new Timberline and the larger Timberline XL will sit at the pinnacle of Traegers product lineup. Both models will be offered this spring for $3,499 and $3,799, respectively. For comparison, the previous-gen Timberline 850 and 1300 are $2,100 and $2,300, so youll have to pay rather the premium for all of the upgrades the company has added to its high-end models..

Gallery: Traeger Timberline (2022)|5 Photos.


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