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Imaginary Teddy informs her to look for the genuine Teddy. He also advises her to “let the humans go. Dont bring the flaws of their kind into our world.” Seemingly still discussing people, Teddy adds, “Theyre not like us. Their codes are written in their cells, theyll never alter.” Christina replies, “We could still see.” Teddy asks how, and she says, “One final test,” a hazardous game of her own making. The very same way she brought Teddy back, Christina can “keep in mind.” Suddenly, Teddy vanishes. A brunette Christina appears, impersonated Dolores from the Westworld style park. She strolls through Chalores death-ridden city, however that setting eventually vanishes. In the last shot of the finale, Dolores/Christina is standing in the Westworld park– shes fully changed into Westworld Dolores, donning a blue gown and blonde locks.Heres what Christina says at the end of the episode: “Sentient life on Earth has ended”– hosts and humans left in the world are goners, she adds– “however some part of it might still be protected. In another world. My world. Theres time for one last game, a dangerous game, with the highest of stakes. Survival or termination. This video game ends where it started, in a world like a labyrinth, that checks who we are. That reveals what we are to end up being … Maybe this time, well set ourselves totally free.” Lingering thoughtsThe cap on season 4 had me picking my brain about Arnolds maze, an essential part of Westworlds very first season. This intangible labyrinth isnt for humans, but for hosts– developed by Arnold (a co-creator of the initial amusement park) to test for consciousness.Could Christina/Dolores now be developing a test for human beings? A maze for them to browse? Is Westworld restored for a 5th season?On Aug. 14, Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy informed Deadline she and her husband, Jonathan Nolan (likewise a co-creator of the show), hadnt yet been notified whether the program would be restored for a season 5.
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Bernards final messageIn last weeks episode, we saw Bernard record himself speaking on what looked like a tablet prior to William shot him in the head. The finale reveals the secret recipient of Bernards last message is Chalores.The former host supreme journeys to the tower room that consists of a red hologram of the city, and finds she cant alter the course set by William. A drone host brings her a gadget which contains Bernards taped message, and Chalores enjoys it: “This isnt the world you wanted Charlotte, but its the world you produced,” Bernard states. “The question is, what occurs next?” Christina acquires some clarityLast week, Teddy exposed to Christina that she didnt actually exist among the hosts and human beings in the city. The finale makes things clearer: “Im simply some program running things from behind the scenes,” Christina states. “A machine without a body.” Speaking with Teddy, Christina points out a style of the popular Westworld maze on her veranda. Teddy tells her the maze is “a map of consciousness” that “woke Dolores as soon as long back,” but says he didnt produce the one shes describing. Things finally click for Christina. “Hale didnt develop Maya and Peter and all the others that kept me business in my world. I did,” she states. “I was trying to understand myself, so I talked to myself in the voices of others.” Christina likewise drew the maze.The program takes us to Chalores, whos still in the tower space. She walks into the red hologram and starts to stomp on the ground– each time, the world around Christina and Teddy looks like its glitching. Eventually, Chalores knocks out the hologram, and breaks the ground beneath it, revealing a pearl. Teddy tells Christina that Chalores is taking them out of her system. We see Chalores reach for the pearl, and after that Christinas world goes black.

Caleb, Frankie and Stubbs take on ClementineFrankie is still in bad shape after taking a bullet to her lower body. A burglar makes it inside, and Stubbs seems to have the upper hand against him, but Clementine emerges and shoots them both.

Chalores tells the hosts to make her stronger, and it looks like shes given a new robotic interior. A drone host brings her a gadget that consists of Bernards recorded message, and Chalores views it: “This isnt the world you wanted Charlotte, but its the world you created,” Bernard states.” Christina gets some clarityLast week, Teddy revealed to Christina that she didnt really exist among the hosts and human beings in the city. It appears Chalores informed hosts in the location to target him. In the last shot of the ending, Dolores/Christina is standing in the Westworld park– shes fully transformed into Westworld Dolores, donning a blue gown and blonde locks.Heres what Christina states at the end of the episode: “Sentient life on Earth has actually ended”– human beings and hosts left on Earth are goners, she adds– “but some part of it might still be protected.

After timeline twists, numerous “deaths” and Dolores doing her Alice in Wonderland thing, Sunday brought the fourth season of Westworld to a spectacular conclusion. My head is still spinning from those final minutes. Episode 8 provided a gratifying description for Christinas scenario, and brought us a face-off in between previous allies Chalores and William. Lets cover every moment of the ending, including, of course, that great ending.The chaos continuesAs the episode opens, chaos unfolds in the city. The character we see at the very start (who talks up his killing video game before taking an ax to the head) is somebody weve seen on the program prior to– Westworld host Rebus from seasons 1 and 2. The violence performed by human beings and hosts appears limitless– a person stabs someone, another person shoots the stabber. One teenage kid seems to emerge unscathed, but host William actions significantly out of some smoke and shoots him. He steals secrets from the kid and enters a close-by car.The reveal shifts to Chalores, whos still lying lifeless in shallow water near her Tower. Drone hosts (the white employee bees) fish her out and repair her back up. Chalores informs the hosts to make her stronger, and it appears like shes given a new robotic interior. (Chalores is a label for Charlotte Hale. In the past, Dolores made copies of herself– the “self” that exists in her pearl– and put one into a host version of Hale.).

Clementine desires Frankie to tell her where the outliers live (” somewhere off the grid, where none of the psychopathic humans out here can find you”). After a struggle between Clementine and Caleb, Frankie shoots Clementine, getting the atrocious host off their backs.William wishes to damage the SublimeWilliam drives down a road, listening to Ring of Fire, however shooting interrupts his jam session. It appears Chalores told hosts in the location to target him. Among them is Craddock, a member of The Confederados who appeared in seasons 2 and 3 of the show. William takes them both out (though they handle to harm his automobile) and gets a pair of glasses that permit him to see Chalores. The discussion between the former allies exposes that William is going after (” spreading fire to”) the Sublime next. Chalores states shes not going to let him. When the exchange ends, Williams areas horses in a neighboring enclosure.Later, William (dressed as MIB and riding a horse, a nod to his character in the Westworld park) comes to the Hoover Dam facility, where the door to the Sublime is still open. He tinkers what appears like a control board, and an alert states, “Warning, important failure. Shutdown will erase all data.” Chalores shows up, and the 2 primary bad guys of the season get into it. Ultimately, they bring the battle outside, where stimulates fly and the door to the Sublime seems under stress.Chalores tells William this isnt the world she wanted, and we hear the rest of Bernards message: “This world holds no more expect us, but theres still expect the next world. A test, run by her, if she chooses to. , if you pick to provide her that choice.. You cant miss, reach with your left hand.” Chalores, out of bullets and backed into a corner, finds a gun and reaches– one that the future-seeing Bernard left there for her. She utilizes it to shoot William. “I select to offer her the possibility,” Chalores says. “I hope she takes it.” It appears that Chalores cuts open Williams head, eliminates his pearl and crushes it.Later, we see Chalores stick the pearl she pulled out of the ground (she calls it “Dolores”) into a socket near where the Sublime is held. (Im still quite positive that Christina shares the exact same pearl as Dolores … it would make good sense as Rehoboam wiped Dolores memories last season.) Near the end of the episode, Chalores squashes her own pearl.The Man in Black trips again.
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Unpacking that endingOh male, that ending. Im still attempting to cover my head around all of Christina/Dolores puzzling discussion, however lets get into it.After Chalores makes her option, the show rotates to Teddy and Christina, and Christina acknowledges they remain in the Sublime. She verifies that the Teddy weve been seeing in season 4 is likewise her own invention (she developed him from her memories) and says the genuine Teddy is someplace in the Sublime.


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